Retail + Compounding Pharmacy
Our Mission:
To provide patients with affordable prescription medications for all of their health needs.

Jungle Jim's Pharmacy prides itself as the pharmacy of choice for outsourced prescription compounding services among healthcare providers nationwide.
Retail + Compounding Pharmacy
Our Plan:
To reduce the cost of prescription medications for you and your pet.

By partnering with local and national healthcare providers, we pride ourselves as the pharmacy-of-choice for outsourced prescription compounding services.

Why Compounding?


Drug Shortages

  • Backorders
  • Discontinuations

Medication Customization

  • Patient Allergies
  • 2in1 Combo Medications

Increased Compliance

  • Accurate Dosing For Small Quantities
  • Palatability With Delicious Flavors

20+ Years Of Experience

JJRx is the sister company to online pharmacy

25,000+ Quality Formulations

We carry generic, brand name, Rx specialty, custom, compounded medications

15+ Dosage Forms

We custom make our own capsules, creams, suspensions, gels, ointments, solutions, pellets, suppositories, troches, lotions and more!

100+ Medication Flavorings

We can add these flavors to your medications: marshmellow, bubble gum, peppermint, strawberry, grape, banana cream, steak, chicken, fish and more!

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